How To Use Psychic Shields

We are all energy. Everything around us is made up of energy. In the ancient art of Qigong there are 23 main energy points in the body. Every color has it’s own frequency, it’s own energy and can only be seen at a particular wavelength. We are the stars, made manifest. The Hindu identify 350,000 Nadi (energy channels) in the human body which include the physical, the subtle and the causal bodies. Different elements show different emission spectre. Quantum physics is incredibly interesting when it comes to studying energy as well. I’m not going to get too in depth today about any of this, I just need you to understand that energy is everything and everyone we know; cars, animals, family, friends, galaxies, suns, moons, light, color, sound. You get the jist, energy is our whole world, including our bodies, our auras, our chakras, our brains.

For many individuals that work within spiritual traditions like empaths, psychics, mediums, energy is all we see and it’s an integral part of our work. Even if you’re spiritually skeptical you can’t deny the science of energy. When people are first waking up to discover their personal gifts it can wreak havoc on our senses and our lives. Often, we don’t know how to deal with happening to us. It’s harder still if there’s no one you can talk to because your family doesn’t believe in such things. You’re belief is not required for something to be true. Spiritually awakening individuals can suffer from severe headaches, depression, anxiety, uncontrollable fear and nightmares are just a few of the challenges we have face or still face.
It’s surprised me very much to learn recently that many folks don’t know about the art of shielding, especially in spiritual communities or as individuals. It was something I wish someone had taught me as a child, but I wasn’t given the luxury of spiritually awakened parents.

Shields are sometimes the difference between psychic and psychotic. Sometimes what we see can break the mind. It’s why many in Shamanic cultures believe that people that see things that “aren’t there” are truly able to communicate with different realms. It’s also not something that is easily identified and treated. Mental illness is a very real issue, often, treated with no respect for the possibility that there are real spiritual influences involved. Personally, I was forced to deal with learned behaviors with cognitive therapies and THAN I was capable of finding answers on my own in regard to what my true gifts were. There is no easy answer or treatment. Sometimes the voices in a mentally ill persons head aren’t real and the individual has to come to terms and treatment within the psychological community. Sometimes though, what you see is what is real, it’s just that only you can see it and there’s no easy way to tell between the two.
Today, I’m talking about shields for people that have gifts such as being psychic or ‘I see dead people’ or seeing auras. You know who you are. Only you know the journey you have had to take. Generally, gifted individuals, are often fearful of talking about things in fear of being locked in a padded cell. Hopefully, that’s not as much of the case today, as it was 100 years ago. Empaths usually have a pretty raw deal at first, we feel everything from everyone and everything. It can drive you mad or at least you get you close to the batshit crazy meter.

Think in terms of your relationships and how you can people a different person to different people. I’m not talking about being two faced, I mean in terms of how you have a certain relationship with your mom and you act a certain way with her. Some people would be mortified to cuss in front of their mom and others are more laid back, because their mother cusses like a trucker! You are a different person to your family, siblings, than you are with your best friends. You can say things to some people and refrain from doing so with others. You are not the same person with your lover, as you are with co-workers. It’s not that you’re being dishonest, it’s that you have different levels of trust, different levels of professionalism, different levels of intimacy in your life.

Now think about your physical body and the chakra system. Your root chakra, red, is your connection to the earth, your connection to feeling grounded and stretching your roots beneath you to feel that energy exchange. Your sacral chakra is about your passion, intimacy, etc. All the way up to your crown chakra is a system of colors and corresponding energies. While I’ve heard there are so many energy points in relation to our bodies and how we interact with the Universe, the most well known chakras are the ones I’m talking about today.

Your shields can keep you safe from harm from the energy of others. For instance, the energy vampire; often passive aggressive, often needy to the point of making you feel physically ill, generally someone who isn’t able to control their own energy. They will feed of those with intense positive energies just to feed their own. Some may not mean to and others, believe me, they mean to. So how can you protect yourself from people that are bombarding you with negativity? How do you survive a simple conversation with someone that stands to close, wants to much, needs too much? Shields! They do the body good.

THE FIRST SHIELD: Emergency level stress.
Imagine if you will a sphere and within that sphere is you. No panicking, it’s perfectly safe. This sphere is covered in a one way mirror. On the inside you can see and control everything, because you are the only one that can be inside this bubble. On the outside is a mirror, impenetrable. This is your safe space. It reflects all energy sent your way back to sender or off into the Universe. No one can get past the mirror, not without your permission. If you feel threatened, if you need to control your emotions, if you are feeling sick from what you feel someone else is doing to you, surround yourself with this shield. It’s a good first shield to learn for protection. It’s important to realize that everything within this sphere is what you control; your mind, your actions, your reactions. You can and you will be able to control what energy you allow into this safe space.

While you’re learning to do this you can also set up a touch trigger to help you. Pick a place on your body, like the flesh between your thumb and index finger or your earlobe or just something that won’t draw attention in public. When you see someone or something that you need to shield yourself from touch your trigger spot. Pretend it’s like a power spot, like when you turn on your computer, only it turns on your shield. This technique is especially useful when you’re out in public and you run into that one person that can push your buttons and always say the wrong thing. Raise your shields, wrap them around yourself and let their words bounce off and away from you. You CAN control how you react to circumstances. Be the better person, remain calm, feel the peace inside that sphere and know you’re safe. You only allow what you want to allow.

When I want to protect someone else I envision a pale blue sphere around them, their car, their plane, their house, etc. If I want to protect myself I have a very particular color and element that has become part of my entire relationship with the Universe, myself and Magick.

When you start to work with blocking energies you can also use the colors of the light spectrums that also happen to correlate with chakras. Ask yourself what color you would see if you wanted to protect someone. There is no wrong answer, colors mean different things to different people and cultures. Let’s say you see Indigo as a protective color. You can use it in visualizations for others; your children, family pets, parents in the hospital, things like these.

Now, you still have the first shield up and you want to protect yourself. Imagine another sphere just inside the first shield, transparent, but impenetrable to some, but not all. Maybe the Indigo Shield is just for strangers, people that you have a low trust threshold with. When you think in terms of color shields, think in terms of levels of trust that you have with different people in your life. For instance, when you’re driving to a holiday gathering and you know that Aunt So’n’so is going to be there and she drives you batshit up the walls and back again. You feel yourself fortifying your shields, weather you realized it or not. You take a deep breath, you have back up in the form of a significant other or a friend from school and you nod and tell them, and yourself, that you are ready to walk in that house. Shields can help you with all levels of trust. If you’re very visual and very influenced by colors, like many of us are, using different colors to block people at different trust levels is a great way to continue on your path of learning how to use your energy.

You can have many shields for many people, places, things, realms, memories and activities. Who knew shields were like Oger’s who are like onions? Many layers…

Now that you’re learning to master the art of having different shields you are also able to manipulate your personal energy and THAT directly affects your aura. In my experience the average a person’s aura will often never change color, but that’s the average person. They are the ones that believe in ‘normal,’ the ones that don’t want to step outside their comfort zone and their life is enough for them.

The Lightworker is isn’t your average person. We have lived through immense hardships, trauma and heartbreak so that we can help others to live their true purpose. We are extraordinary. So when we start using our energy, personal bubble, ME space and piling on all the different layers of shields that we have our auras can change color, shape, size, intensity. So if you see auras, pay attention to the energy of others, does it shift? Do you see different colors? Are they surrounded by shadow? What is it that you notice? These gifts can help you read energy and the intentions of others. It’s all tied into your intuition and empathy.

We all have walls. They are also in the same category as shields in my opinion. I often think of the song from Sting, ‘Fortress Around Your Heart,’ in relation to this subject. My heart is fortified with huge walls, climbing vines and a built in supernatural security system. *grins* And that’s also what I need them to be right now. Visualizing walls can help as well, though I find the sphere will leave nothing undefended and I am quite literal in translation. You’ve heard the term in relation to your heart, the walls you put up, they are merely more layers of protection. They are there for the different levels of trust you have. Mostly there is usually only one person that can traverse those mighty fortress walls, one person that never gave up, one person that wants to love you, you have merely to let them in. Don’t let your past heartbreak keep from today’s love, give them a key at least so they can get past the portcullis.

Once you have worked on your personal shields and are starting to get a feel for them they may shift more to adapt to you personally. My Magick and aura while working Magick is green flame. It doesn’t burn me at all, nor will it hurt anyone I may be doing healing work on or loved ones. It is my connection to the mystical, the dreaming, the Lightworker energy within me and my connection to the Divine Universe. It’s also a very private thing that I haven’t often shared before. Anyone can use elements in your shields; fire, lightning, wind storms, etc. Usually they will manifest naturally.

Your shields will evolve with you, they will listen to you, your visualizations of them can make them shift It’s now in your power to have more control over your emotions, your spiritual gifts and your life. I find that finding art or using images from films I love can help me find visuals that will help me solidify those ideas and images in my mind. There is no RIGHT way to use your shields. Starts slow. Notice your dreams, the colors you are drawn too, how your empathy may be more under control now. The only thing you can control is your own Soul and how you react to your personal journey. Be the example of what a Lightworker should be, for yourself and the world. Be the extraordinary person that is the passenger in your body, your energy and your Soul.


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