The Witches Axiom



The Witches Axiom by Hanna McLean

To The Witches,

You are unique in all the world.

To the young witches.  I know you are Awakening.  Things are overwhelming.  Your body is changing.  Your voice, important.  My best advice to you is to be fierce in friendships, be generous with your time, always embrace your inner freak without apology, listen and respect your elders and follow your bliss.   Learn to move, dance, run, martial arts.  Don’t let anyone dim your shine.

To the tween witches.  You have a right to say No, use that right as much as you need to and learn to say it.  Walk tall.  Stand up for what you believe is right.  Do not remain silent.  Create as much as possible.  Listen.  Be kind. Learn what honor is.  

To the young adult witches.  Prepare for hormones to happen.  ALWAYS use birth control.  Rites of passage are vital to life.  Celebrate as much as possible, as responsibly as possible and look out for each other.  Falling in love is amazing.   The first time you have your heart crushed, know, that it sucks, it hurts.  You cry, you break things, you learn martial arts or dance or guitar or sing or put brush to canvas.  Find the outlets, hobbies, skills that you have and think of new and exciting ways to make those things matter in your life.  Make your own mark on the world.  Do not let anyone force you to do anything you do not want to do.

To the Ancestral Witches.  We hear your screams.  Your tears are remembered.  Your blood, runs in our veins.   Teach us to connect with wisdoms lost, in perfect love and in perfect trust.  We honor you.

To the witches of men.  What you say matters.  How you treat the women in your life matters.  How you treat your fellow man matters.  Think before taking action.  

To the witches of women.  We are equal.  There is no lesser or stronger sex.  Support the women in your life, celebrate them.  Live by example. End shaming as culturally acceptable.

To the transexual witches.  You are beautiful, end of story.  Own it.

To the snob witches.  There is no ‘one way’ to do things. Don’t be a douche.

To the downtrodden, the underdog, the long shot witches.  No one will bet on you if you don’t bet on yourself first.  Confidence is the kryptonite of doubt.  There is something that no one can ever take away from you.  Our heads may be bloodied, but our Spirit will bow to no one.

To the Witches.  We are extraordinary.  We are powerful. We know who we are.

A Witches code of honor.

We are Guardians.  Shaman.  Witch.  Psychic.  Protectors.

All Life is Sacred.

We help create sustainable communities and treat our Planet with respect.

We celebrate our differences and honor our similarities.

We visualize a better day when there is worldwide nutrition, education and health care for all.

Our footprints are small.

Tolerance is expected.

Compassion is key.

Natural.  Organic.  Sustainable.

Protection of natural water resources.

Communicate.  Deliberate. Diplomacy. Compromise.

Gratitude is Transformative

If it harm none, including self, do as thou will.

Karma is real.

We are all the same.

Birth. Death. Ascension or rebirth.

Learn without limits.  Lead without arrogance.

We act with global consciousness through compassion, education, example and action.

The Compassionate Witches Creed.  

I strive to be a better person than I was yesterday, to be an example to the next ten generations and to act with honor and respect toward all life on this Earth and in the Universe.

I reject physical, verbal, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse as acceptable.  It is not acceptable, ever.

I will stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves.  

I renounce violence, prejudice, cruelty, ignorance and extremist notions meant to incite hatred.

Sexuality is natural.  Sensuality is Tantric.  Practice sexual health, use protection.  Explore.  Be honest.  Expect awkwardness.  Don’t be afraid to laugh.  Be adventurous.  Respect all boundaries and know what yours are.

We are the witches.  Hear us rumble.  We are the Storm.  

Time to wake my beloved, Magickal witches.  Wake up.

V0048920 Witches: five silhouetted figures.


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