Hitler 2.0, It’s not ok.

Hitler 2.0

It’s not ok to be racist.

It’s not ok to be sexist.

It’s not ok to hand the

nuclear codes to that man.

It’s not ok to be cruel.

It’s not ok to bury your

head in the sand and

ignore the world,

the whole world.

It’s not ok to ignore

climate change.

It’s not ok to treat LGBT differently.

It’s not ok to spread hate.

It’s not ok to have

A REPLAY of the Shoah.

Called the Shoah because

of the insensitive term

Holocaust means burnt offering.

It’s not ok to commit genocide.

It’s not ok to take

womens rights away and

Pay them less for equal work.

It’s not ok to send women’s

health care back to the stone age.

It’s not ok to say nothing

In the face of injustice.

It’s not ok to drag this country down

We have the right to defend our country

“I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

AND Domestic.

It’s not ok to let Money bully their

Way through our clean water resources.

It’s not ok to continue to rape

the land of the Water Protectors.  

It’s not ok to strip away every scrap

of land the Indigenous people

were begrudgingly fed.

The Republicans bought their

Way into the house, the senate

and the Presidential office.

It is WRONG.

We are sick of the lies we’re fed.

This country is so much better

than the last year.  

Better than the face

we’ve shown the world.

THE WoRLD agrees,

the world sees.


To protest for change and

Our right.

I will not go quietly

Into the night.

This country cannot be fueled by

Hatred, fear and arrogance.

It’s time to make a stand.

Together, we ARE stronger.

This is not our President.

This is not the country we want.

Compassion, love, wisdom.

For the next 10 generations


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