No matter how dark you love your fashion and decor don’t ever forget that we all need a little light to survive.  Quite literally, sunlight, it’s just better than vitamin D pills, sorry Lestat.


It’s not just that though.  We all have a light inside of us that we share with those we love and it shines brightest when we’re in their presence.  It could be a sister, a father, a best friend or a life partner.  No matter how dark you’ve become, there is always someone out there that can dance along to your twisted, extraordinary, brilliant personal mythology and laugh with you.  Laughter is life changing.  

Sprinkle your time with loved ones, like white chocolate on top of something hot and covered in whipped cream.  [It’s ok to eat white food, no one will see it!]

We don’t get to choose our relatives, but we CAN and should choose our own family, four paws, hooves,  and claws included.  Some of the best friends of my life have been animals.


Don’t forget to love yourself.  If it sounds impossible come up with three things every morning that you like about yourself.

As it turns out, recent brain studies show that negative thinking creates negative pathways in our minds.  Creative visualisation can help you lead a life more extraordinary.  Use positive affirmations to combat the negative shit that comes up.

If you can’t think of one thing you like about yourself, you’re depressed, go see a mental health professional and work that crazy out.

This Earth is our home and globally we have a lot to be accountable for.   There is a lot of hate and anger, and sometimes ugly.  I don’t feel the need to embellish on the bad.  Hatred is ugly.  If Scrooge hadn’t found that loving kindness inside himself, he’d be a ghost with a burden full of chains for eternity.  Sadness, anger, fear, we feel a burden on our shoulders from the weight of it, even if it can’t be seen.


Whoever we are, wherever we have come from, we are all equal.  If the laws do not acknowledge that, then we need new laws.  Don’t ever compromise who you are for anyone.  

So while you’re painting your silver bells black, just remember that even the smallest bit of light can illuminate your Spirit.

To any and all who celebrate holidays in December, and even all those that don’t,  don’t forget to live.  Don’t let your life get in the way of your living it.   

Just because you have amazing taste, doesn’t mean you can’t find your inner care bear.  Paint it black.

“May the best of your past, be the worst of your future.”

Peace. Out.

The GothWitch



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